Our Staff

Administrator: Fr. Arthur Mattox,  mattox.staljohn@gmail.com

Director of Administrative Services: Mike Chuchara, 262-537-4370 ext 202, staljohnevdas@gmail.com

Director of Lifelong Faith Formation: Dody Bushbaum, 262-537-4370 ext 203, sasjyouthministry@gmail.com

Administrative Assistant: Ann Ward,  office.staljohn@gmail.com
262-537-4370, ext 201 (St. Alphonsus); 262-877-2557, ext 101, (St. John)

Musician: Katy Diaz

Maintenance Staff:  John Taylor

Cemetery Secretary: Lydia Mattox,   Cemetery Sexton: Buster Amore

Pastoral Council

Karen Poepping, Chair

Erin Decker, Vice Chair

Robert Foley, Secretary

Marty Daniels

Don Smith

Charley Thornton, SA Trustee

Michael Decker, SA Trustee

Craig Lowetz, SJ Trustee

Mark Nordigian, SJ Trustee

Meetings are held most months, on the second Tuesday of the month.